Room101 Cigars was founded in 2009 with the intent to honor the craft and rich history of cigar making whilst applying a progressive approach to both blending and product design. From its inception, the Room101 brand quickly garnered the respect and intrigue of cigar traditionalists as well as a newer breed of enthusiasts in the early stages of what was to become an era of “boutique” brands.

2017 saw a reincarnation of Room101 Cigars. With the launch of exciting collaborative projects with both the Caldwell Cigar Company and AJ Fernandez, Room101 again demonstrated the brand’s ability to transcend the norm and skyline as a house of innovation in terms of creativity and quality. These first products paved the way towards the debut of new collections under the Room101 name to solidify the brand’s position in premium tobacco.

We strive to honor a history rich in culture and craft whilst unapologetically remaining true to our brand and the core philosophies that make us far more than just another brand – they make us a family. If this sounds appealing, we would be honored to have you within our ranks.

We welcome you to the new Room101.

Our Founder

Matt Booth founded the Room101 Brand in 2003 with the idea that a lifestyle collection reminiscent of those offered by luxury brand houses of the last century could flourish in today’s market with a current design direction and product offering.

While deployed to Asia as a U.S. Infantry Marine, Booth found himself overwhelmed by the rich culture he experienced there. After returning to the States, Booth was introduced to the thriving silver scene in Los Angeles while working at the Whisky a Go-Go on Sunset Boulevard. It was this fusion of Asian influence and an obsession with custom jewelry that inspired Booth to create his own brand. With the vision of an artist and the tenacity of a Marine, Matt Booth began blending the traditional Asian characters and motifs he first encountered during his tour of duty with a heavy dose of Los Angeles grit to create the conceptual backbone of Room101.

With Booth at the helm, a humble studio in Downtown Los Angeles was to become an atelier that is to this day the nucleus of Room101’s design and development efforts.

In 2009 Matt found himself falling in love with yet another art form – cigar making. Booth’s long time passion for cigars paired with a steadfast resolve to learn more of their origins developed into a full-blown love affair with both the craft and the community– one that continues to power the Room101 cigar brand to this day.

Matt’s passion and undying fire are the fuel for Room101’s constant evolution and expansion. Today the Room101 Brand boasts a catalog of tangibles and consumables; custom jewelry to bespoke leather goods, premium cigars and now a craft gin round out the Room101 Brand’s current offerings. Over the last sixteen years Matt Booth has fueled and driven the Room101 brand to become a lifestyle collection like no other in existence today.

We hope you dig it.