Behold the first solo project from the kids at Room101. Prepare to receive maximum pleasure overload as glorious flavors cascade over your pallet – diddling your receptors in a fashion you cannot deny.

FARCE is a gorgeous and sophisticated multi-country of origin blend, hand built with pride in partnership with the artisans of the William Ventura tobacco atillier in the Dominican Republic.

Join us for the next installment of the Room101 story. Welcome to The Conspiracy and enjoy FARCE.


52×5, 54×6 1/4, 60×6 1/2, 42×6 1/2, and 42 x 4 (event only)

FARCE Connecticut


I want to be in your mouth. I am smooth, creamy and delicious. My secret weapon is personality. I am sophisticated and filled with surprises. I am a Connecticut shade morsel with a story that will sing across your palate and rattle down into your sub regions. Belly up to the bar of delight, wrap your taste holster around my taut Connecticut shade exterior and never look back. You might wake up somewhere and have no idea how you got there – but this is why I attract you. Taste my adventure.

20 Count


Short Corona 46 x 4 7/8 $10.30
Robusto 50 x 5 $10.90
Churchill 48 x 7 $11.80
Super Toro 56 x 6 $12.40


Caldwell x Room101

I was a disappointment to my mother most of my adolescent life. I left a finish across her psychological palate that was harsh and undesirable. As I found my way into a more positive direction, not only was she relieved – but I too shed the weight I had carried, knowing full well the strain I had caused my sparkling delight of a mother all those years. Find the taste that is akin to the emotional emancipation of your former, heavier years within this fine premium tobacco product. Shed the cumbersome work wear-like skin of yesteryear and bask in the relief and contentment of a cigar that can be your number 1 in this new chapter of your being.

10 count


46×4 1/2 – $9.50

52 X 4 3/4 – $11.50

54X6 – $12.50

48X6 1/2 – $10.50

The T

Caldwell x Room101 x AJ Fernandez

Proudly made in colaboration with industry icons AJ Fernandez and
Robert Caldwel, The T series is hand forged in Esteli, Nicaragua from hand selected tobbacos cultivated from seed to smoke by AJ Fernandez. The T is a full bodied powerhouse of flavors that are intrinsically Nicaraguan whilst having the balance between its power and flavor to settle across even the most discerning of palates.

20 count


Lonsdale 44 x 6 1/2 – $10.50
Short Churchill 48 x 5 1/2 (10 count) – $12.00
Robusto 52 x 5 – $11.00
Toro 52 x 6 – $11.50
Toro Grande 56 x 6 1/2 $12.00

The T Connecticut

Caldwell x Room101 x AJ Fernandez

Produced at AJ Fernandez Esteli, Nicaragua Nicaraguan fillers. Ecuador CT WrapperDo you hunger for action? Do you find yourself nursing an insatiable need for dramatic flavor filled experience? As you read my delicious words are you scratching at the elbow of wanton lust for a dose of spice laden full frontal twang that is not only irresistible – it is undeniable? If your answer is yes to any of these aforementioned descriptive points (or even if it may be uncertain at this very moment) do yourself the favor of plunging this flavor vessel deep into your gullet and siphon out what you will come to understand to be the finest, “punch packing” Nicaraguan Connecticut experience that your momma warned you about.

20 Count


Corona 6×44 $10.60
Short Robusto 4×48 $10.80
Double Robusto 5.5×54 $11.80
Toro 6×50 $11.40